Leg Shield

    Superior Pant Protector for Cyclists

The Leg Shield is the perfect solution for protecting your right pant leg from hard-to-clean grease stains and preventing pants from getting jammed in the front gears. With the existing trouser clips and straps, grease still gets on pants when they accidentally rub against the chain, the strap/clips slip down, or come apart.

The Leg Shield was designed and engineered for a comfortable and snug fit and will not fall down. The Leg Shield's easy on/off design makes it more convenient than rolling up your pants and is a great alternative to installing a bicycle chain guard

The Leg Shield was built to last and comes with a solid 3-Year Guarantee. If it does not last 3 years, we will replace it for free. It is made with a strong zig-zag stitch. It has three premium Velcro style straps which fit securely, are easy to tear off, and can withstand heavy usage. It is made with a thin layer of neoprene which is flexible and durable.    

International Orders (U.S. Orders, see Amazon Link)
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     A pair can be worn for protection against rain/dirt 
     Available in Black & Neon Yellow with Reflective
     One size fits most adults. See FAQ for measurements