Ankle Bands

-Premium ankle bands designed for maximum nighttime visibility with one of the largest reflective surface areas of any ankle strap on the market (Reflective Material: 1.8 inches in width and 360 degrees). Conservatively visible from at least 750 ft

-Built to last with durable materials & strong stitching. Made with a thin layer of stretchable Neoprene (2mm), which is lightweight & very comfortable

​-Designed for cycling, running or walking. Protects cyclists pants from chain

-Fits most adults. Fits ankles 7.5-12.5 inches in circumference

​Product Description
With a 1.8 inch wide reflective strip that is 360°, the band (formerly named Owl Band) offers one of the best nighttime visibilities of any ankle band on the market.​

Reflective Material vs. Bright Colors 
Based on our research, reflective material is significantly more visible in the dark than bright neon colors. Bright colors offer great visibility during the day, but limited visibility benefit at night. As a result, we designed the band with a large surface area of reflective material, despite the high cost of reflective material.​

High-Quality Product 
• Made with a thin layer of Neoprene (2mm) which stretches for a snug fit around your ankle, feels comfortable against your skin, and is lightweight 
• Made with strong stitching which will last 
• Made by the inventors of the highly rated Leg Shield (cyclist pant protector)

Additional Use 
Protects cyclists pants from chain​

Universal size 
Fits most adults. Fits ankle sizes between 7.5-12.5 inches (19-32cm) in circumference, not including pants. Note: If worn above the ankle, circumference will be greater. Dimensions are 13.5 inches long by 1.9 inches wide. We also sell reflective wrist bands which can be used for small ankles. 

Solid 3-Year Guarantee 

Built to last; if it does not last 3 years we will replace it for free.​